The Truth About Good Girls

Anthropologie jacket | Urban Outfitters sweater | Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Polette Eyewear sunglasses

I could easily refer to myself as a "goody two-shoes" or even reluctantly a "square." I don't litter, smoke, or curse. I know. All seemingly wonderful qualities to have. But with that, comes extra responsibility and the need to uphold that image (when a curse word randomly spews out of my mouth, the reaction is usually a jaw-dropping shock). This doesn't mean I'm a particularly super nice person either. And in reality, sometimes you just want to let loose and throw responsibility out the window once in a while and not give a f*** about what anyone has to say about it. Then, of course, you snap back into reality. Maybe I have that oldest sibling mentality of wanting to set a good example (does that ever end?). In any case, rugged Timberland inspired boots by Jeffrey Campbell and boyfriend jeans was somewhat close to channeling some bad girl vibes - although paired with a super soft teddy bear sweater.
2 more days 'till Coachella~

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