July 6, 2016

Windmill Giants

Free People top | Laundry Room denim cut off shorts | Vince slides | Ettwa sunglasses

Time flies. I sound like an old lady already... but it's just fascinatingly true. I can't believe it's already July. I spent part of the 4th of July weekend in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, I failed to take surreal photos sunbathing by the pool because I was drenched in sweat within seconds unless I was lounging around inside with the air conditioner. Luckily, I managed to convince myself to pull over to the "gotta take some photos here someday" cliche music video-esque view with the don quixote windmills that we pass by every time we go to Palm Springs... Of course we decide to finally do so in 108 degree weather... Nevertheless, it was a perfect desert day and classically fitting for a atypical white t-shirt (the ultimate cut out detail and loose fit), the usual denim cut offs, and my alternative to flip flops - Vince slides.

April 12, 2016

The Truth About Good Girls

Anthropologie jacket | Urban Outfitters sweater | Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Polette Eyewear sunglasses

I could easily refer to myself as a "goody two-shoes" or even reluctantly a "square." I don't litter, smoke, or curse. I know. All seemingly wonderful qualities to have. But with that, comes extra responsibility and the need to uphold that image (when a curse word randomly spews out of my mouth, the reaction is usually a jaw-dropping shock). This doesn't mean I'm a particularly super nice person either. And in reality, sometimes you just want to let loose and throw responsibility out the window once in a while and not give a f*** about what anyone has to say about it. Then, of course, you snap back into reality. Maybe I have that oldest sibling mentality of wanting to set a good example (does that ever end?). In any case, rugged Timberland inspired boots by Jeffrey Campbell and boyfriend jeans was somewhat close to channeling some bad girl vibes - although paired with a super soft teddy bear sweater.
2 more days 'till Coachella~

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April 4, 2016

Denim Game

Free People denim jacket | H&M jeans | Badgley Mischka bag | Ralph Lauren t-shirt | Polette sunglasses

At the risk of sounding like an old lady or annoyingly cliche, I have to say that time is flying by unbelievably fast. I can't believe we're embarking on April... I feel like I'm still recovering from the holidays and only got enjoy the fun of layering with coats a handful of times. I know it's LA, but it still gets cold here, I promise. I'm already filling my online shopping carts with summer items (after giving up shopping for lent) while getting worried about how pasty my legs look right now... especially with Coachella around the corner. Seriously, it came so fast. Currently testing out this lightweight denim jacket for chilly nights (winner)... with a classic t-shirt, high waisted blue jeans, and the perfect shades from Polette.

December 5, 2015

Socal Winter

Zara skort and skinny scarf | Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots | Ralph Lauren bag | Lacoste sunglasses

I love wearing skorts for the exact same reason the bf dislikes them. They are super comfortable... while (obviously) giving that allure of wearing a skirt, which totally dresses up an outfit more than shorts would. Q thinks because it looks like a skirt, yet I wear them with the comfort of knowing that they're shorts, it makes him uneasy. Great argument...but he knows I won't give them up. I love a good knit tank to provide a little extra warmth in this socal version of winter, and I needed a scarf to really keep me warm. Pretty apparent I had to have a jacket with me...still cannot believe it's already December!

November 18, 2015


Zara top and heels | H&M skinny ankle jeans | Karen Walker sunglasses

For some reason, despite all the online shopping I've been doing, it's been dejavu of having nothing to wear. Thus, all black it is. It works. Time for sample sales and starting to believe I'll actually find stuff on black Friday...

November 15, 2015

Work it Out

Express ombre core pants | Express core tank | Reebok tennis shoes

After a few years of pilates, I'm currently having a go at Kayla's BBG and seeing if it'll bring about the tone I'm hoping for... despite the fact that the weather has been encouraging a "sweater body." Thus, I was excited to collaborate with Express and try out their new Core Collection of workout wear. I love the fit of these pants...it has the perfect amount of stretch while thick enough to feel like you're "held in" while doing cardio - which is kinda important because these pants definitely seem to attract attention.

November 3, 2015

Lingering Summer Vibes

H&M jeans| Urban Outfitters boyfriend tank | Ralph Lauren bag | Zara heels | Dior sunglasses

Not really sure what happened this summer. Apparently, it was a blur...and now it's over. Luckily I caught some sunny rays over the weekend, which southern California is an expert at providing, regardless of what season the calendar says it is. Found this cute little closed storefront in Chinatown, who's owner is an obvious green thumb... in hindsight, it totally reminds me of alleys in Vietnam (now almost a year ago!) These tapered jeans ended up being the exact fit I wanted (the kinda fit my mom hates), and the same deal with the tank... loose boyfriend fit - the kind you wish you found early on in the summer.