July 28, 2014

Workday Monday 07.28.2014

H&M tank | Zara wide leg belted pants and clutch 

The nostalgia of those extra long gangsta initial belts from the 90's came flooding back when I set eyes on these pants... and I knew I had to have them. The exposed zipper, of course, was a crazy added bonus... especially combined with the idea that I would most likely be wearing these pants - to work. I found this buttoned tank with a lapel that is perfect under a blazer and absolutely wonderful on its own in this hot weather. For some reason I feel like sleeveless tops aren't really appropriate for work, but this would definitely be an exception.

July 25, 2014

Before Muggy Turned Sunny

H&M quilted jacket | Zara tank | Jeffrey Campbell fisherman boots | Cello boyfriend jeans

I haven't found the time to paint my toenails. Considering we're in the midst of summer, this is pretty unheard of. Luckily, these JC booties are the perfect alternative to open toe heeled sandals without looking like I'm already ready for fall. The comfortable air flow without the sans pedicure self-consciousness. And with all this muggy weather, I've been forced to keep my hair in at least a partial french braid most of the time... and it doesn't help that I'm in serious need of a haircut. My weekend to-do list just keeps getting longer.

July 21, 2014

Workday Monday 07.21.2014

YesStyle top | H&M blazer and skirt | Zara heels

You can never have enough white button-down shirts... or white shirts in general. And generally, I don't hesitate to snatch one up if it has a little something different to spruce up the whole suited for work thing. While doing some random internet shopping/clicking, I came across this one with its half sheer crosshatch design... and waited a couple weeks for it to come from Korea. Despite my worries with the slightly boxy fit, it was able to snugly fit into my skirt and under my blazer. Here's to a start to a new workweek.

July 13, 2014

A Heated Sunday

Zara  tank | ShopPublik skirt | ShoeDazzle  lace up heels

It's not a surprise that I love summer. Like truly love summer. Fortunately, I don't live somewhere that's incredibly humid... which is probably what makes the heat that much more bearable and lovable. A loose fit tank and skirt is a perfect combo for this weather... Here's the striped version of the Zara tank I wore in my previous post... perfectly cut shape, I swear. And it goes with everything, like this flared white skirt. The only remorse I have is when getting into a car after it's been sitting in the sun for a while... there's no reaction like hot leather to bare thighs that makes you cringe and shriek in horror. Sigh, the customary quirks of summer.

July 8, 2014

I'm a Working Girl

Zara top | Theory pants | Nastygal heels

On a daily basis, I'm in what you call "work clothes"... and more often than not, I can't wait to get out of 'em by the time I get home. I'm not sure why...considering something like these Theory slacks are so flattering and pretty comfortable. But generally, these work pieces rarely commingle with the rest of my wardrobe. But more recently, I've unconsciously found ways to integrate the two... especially for those days I deem are semi-casual Friday. This boxy partly-sleeveless white shirt strangely caught my attention despite its seemingly ambiguous categorization. I was able to imagine myself wearing both cut off shorts and slacks... I don't know if I'm just growing up, or if I've just somehow uncovered a new outlook on my closet.

July 2, 2014

Set on White

Zara shorts | Zara cardigan | Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots | Rayban wayfarers

It's Zara sale season... this means I end up scouring the various Zara stores in Los Angeles... in addition to browsing online. I'm all about a good deal. And all about my love for Zara.
Why do I need to go to all the Zaras (for things on sale during sale season)....
1. Zara at Figat7th - a new store means they have all the newest items from when they first stocked
2. Hollywood Zara - because it's in the mecca of where all the tourism happens, it's also the best spot to score blazers and work clothes... tourists don't buy these on vacation
3. Oldtown Pasadena Zara - they have the most casual stuff... jeans, t-shirts, and tanks, and the widest selection of shoes
4. Zara at Century City/Westfield - the least amount of damaged items...
5. Zara at The Grove - just because
I know... I've just set myself up to look like a crazy shopaholic...but it's also my form of exercise.

Zara is finally opening up a store at the Glendale Galleria...Countdown to Summer 2015! Seriously though, this new addition is long overdue.

And a random online test-  For those who are curious, I got "In the Distant Future"

July 1, 2014

Easy Sunday

Zara tank | H&M jeans | Converse leather hi-tops | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Heart sunnies

While Sundays are usually reserved for simple walks to the farmer's market or lounging around the house prior to my evening tutoring sessions, this past Sunday motivated me to trek out to Hollywood on the metro...and soak in some extra rays. The weather beckoned something sleeveless - this Zara tank that's just cut and draped in all the right places. I had to also get it in stripes...and need to go back to the sale and get it in any other colors that are left. Here's to hoping for an extra long summer.