November 10, 2014

Workday Monday 11.10.2014

H&M shirt | Rebecca Minkoff heels | Altuzarra skirt | Michael Kors Ipad mini clutch

After admiring the much more guilt-inducing version of this shirt, H&M pulled through once again with a more affordable and equally loveable shirt. I've found way too many opportunities to wear it...casual, for work, and tied around the waist. To dress it up a little more for work, this Altuzarra for Target skirt (it has a brocade fabric which you can't see in the photos) was the perfect complement. And for fall... these heels have been the go-to for a flawless and comfortable addition to my shoe closet. It's always near the holidays and other people's birthdays that I feel more inclined to shop...Is it just me?

October 30, 2014

From the Block

H&M jeans | Dolce Vita heels | Adidas sweater | Urban Outfitters backpack

If I had a stoop... I'd be kickin' it there.
I love this sporty 90s vibe Adidas sweater... with sneakers, magenta heels, and everything else. If only I could wear it to work.

October 21, 2014

Waiting For My Sis

H&M blazer | Zara shorts | Asos monk strap shoes | Ralph Lauren bag

It's about time one of my sisters decided to finally move back to southern California after enduring the dreadfully bone-chilling winters and sticky-hot summers of NYC. After a few weekends of apt shopping, Stella will finally be back.... and moving in the to the lovely area of Torrance. More reason to visit Redondo Beach and grub on steamed crab and spicy fish soup! Apartment shopping definitely called for flats... These were perfect for looking polished and managing the walking around. I think I pulled off the "nice Asian girl wanting to move-in" to all the managers we met with. Success! ('cause we found a great place!)
Also, I've just started a new Instagram account... featuring my mom! She's worked so hard for so many years to raise three daughters on her own... and now she's livin' in up! I realized there's so much I want to share about her. She's not only stylish.. but athletic, and a great cook.
Follow me (well, I guess my mom) @mymomagram!

October 14, 2014

Coffee, Boyfriend, and California

Zara tank | Cello boyfriend jeans | Gap leather belt | Jeffrey Campbell fisherman ankle boots

Saturdays tend to start with a latte from Intelligensia... and end with some good ol' shopping. This particular Saturday wasn't any different. I'm hanging on to summer as long as possible... and for the obvious reasons, I always default to these boyfriend jeans. You'd think my closet would be full of different variations of boyfriend jeans by now... but the right fit and wash isn't as easy to find and commit to as you'd think.
Heading to see Ne-yo at the House of Blues tomorrow! Super excited. Seriously, I should have some VIP membership there by now...

September 30, 2014

Casual Hanging

Stussy t-shirt | American Eagle diy destroyed boyfriend jeans

Spent a day walking around the bf's 'hood... which usually ends up with Intelligensia, random browsing, and eating Pine & Crane.

September 16, 2014

One Hot Summer Day

Patterson Kincaid tie-dyed tank | Hollister cut off shorts | Vans sneakers

On a hot day in the summer (Saturday), I headed to Catalina for a mini getaway. I had to wake up super early and drive to Newport Beach to catch the Catalina Flyer. Although the long line that had already formed was daunting, we fortunately got good seats on the top deck, with shade. Luckily I don't get seasick... because that seemed to be a fairly common event on this boat, considering the little baggies available on each seat. I needed a breezy top, knowing how hot it was expected to be. This one by Patterson Kincaid is one of my faves for summer. The lace up design with tie-dyed combination is genius. We zip-lined, got sunburned, walked around aimlessly, laid out on the condensed beach area, and watched people fish. Q created this silly video of us ziplining... and managed to make it seem even more exciting than it actually was.

September 8, 2014

Workday Monday 09.08.2014

H&M buttoned shirt and skirt | Zara heels | Ralph Lauren bag | Dior sunglasses | Flashtat bling

It's disheartening to think that we're already embarking on fall... I feel like I've barely satiated my summer plans; both in the wardrobe aspect and activity. (Does Starbucks always bust out their pumpkin spice lattes this early?) Luckily, the heat looks like it'll be sticking around in southern California... But I couldn't bypass this skirt that seemed to be the ideal transition item. The versatile mix of color is probably what drew me in. Still, in the spirit of summer, I'll be heading to Catalina Island this Saturday... Thanks to a lucky Groupon deal and the motive to get away, without actually having to go away. That's later.