March 25, 2014

Sick of Being Sick

Gilly Hicks cardigan | Hollister cut off shorts | Zara top | UO hat | Jeffrey Campbell fisherman boots | Chanel sunnies

I've always been a devout Airborne believer...and manage to avoid getting sick 99% of the time. I'm shocked to say that I'm sick, again. This is the third time this year. Unheard of! I did trick myself into believing that shorts would be okay over the weekend...until it quickly diffused. The midday sun is deceiving. On the plus side, I did have a memorable weekend in the crazy and random, story to tell later, kinda way. Is it seriously only Monday?

Keeping an Eye Out For: whites

March 12, 2014

First Kiss Video

Such a cute video... I had to post. There is some romanticism left in me...and combine that with fashion; it's hard to handle.

By: Tatia Pllieva -  Presented by WREN


February 26, 2014

Before the Rain

Jeffrey Campbell heels | Forever 21 pants | Karen Walker sunglasses

Ridiculously comfy heels that exude almost ankle boots... with the extra height factor - means they're my new fave for walking around, and pretty much anything else that doesn't require tennis shoes. While totally unprepared for the rainy next few days, it's the water California needed.

Keeping an Eye Out For: summer goodies?

February 23, 2014

Perfect Weather Danger

H&M distressed skinny jeans | Converse leather hi-tops | Zara plaid shawl/scarf | Express cocoon cardigan

I've been sick twice in the past month. I'm inclined to blame the surreal perfect weather in what is still  supposed to be winter... Despite the sun and warmth (and ice cream eating), I had to wrap myself up in layers (this Zara scarf is an absolute favorite - its pretty much a blanket around my neck), in fear of strongly over air-conditioned places. Hence, the messy ponytail, and comfy tennis shoes were pretty much standard this past weekend.

Keeping an Eye Out For: summer goodies?

February 4, 2014

Mean Streets of February

H&M raffia cap | Hollister cut off shorts | H&M jacket | LNA top | Karen Walker sunglasses

The apple and apricot tree in my yard have been tricked into believing Spring is pretty much here..the small leaf buds have begun sprouting since two weeks ago. I've been equally deceived into wearing shorts close to sundown...we just aren't quite there yet...but I really can't wait. This jacket will be probably be tattered by the end of the summer. I couldn't have found a more lightweight and perfect jacket that's my style.

Keeping an Eye Out For: whites

January 23, 2014

Color Clash

H&M top | ShoeDazzle by Paper Fox caged heels | UO pants | Elizabeth and James sunglasses

An entire building in orange and purple...paired with a super sunny day, and loose fit clothing...especially a cape-like top to catch the breeze. I love living in southern California.

Keeping an Eye Out For: whites

January 7, 2014

It Seems Black

ASOS leather skirt | ShoeDazzle caged heels | UO hat

Despite the pretty cool things you're able to do in below zero weather, I shudder at the thought of my sisters having to go back to New York after experiencing the unreal weather here. I didn't originally plan to look completely dressed in black... the sweater is actually a dark gray and the t-shirt is more of a charcoal burnout. But in the end, I like the monochromatic feel and the sleekness of wearing all black. It doesn't happen often.

Keeping an Eye Out For: whites