May 31, 2015

A Weekend Away

Philosophy toiletries | Nike tennis shoes | Chili Bean sunglasses

Last weekend, I headed over to Palm Springs for a little last minute r&r. After a slightly rainy drive, I was giddily with Philosophy toiletries at our cute little hotel. After checking my trusty weather app, which showed an average of about 85 degrees, we decided we wouldn't be needing any sweaters on our morning hike up in the San Jacinto mountains. As we were waiting to get in the cable cars at the Tramway, I noticed signs that said "42degrees" and "no snow." Wasn't that obvious? Didn't make sense, until I realized how high up we would be going. Luckily, it wasn't tooooo bad, and I did bring a long sleeve with me, (which was actually supposed to be more for sun protection) considering we actually saw some snow up there! (Stripes are definitely not flattering sometimes). Spent the rest of the weekend soaking in the mineral spring water, to absorb as much goodness as possible... and promised myself I have to come back again soon. 

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