The Day is Long

Urban Outfitters Mouchette top | Out From Under ribbed flared pants | Gilly Hicks cardigan | Chili Beans sunnies

In my head, only a few weeks had gone by since my last post. It's crazy how time creeps up on your life. But I'm back. My hair has grown too fast for my liking, the bf has settled into his new place, and I've probably gotten a little too accustomed to wearing these lounge-y pants for those cold weekend mornings, and planning the rest of my outfits around them. Now that it's officially spring (?), it appears that's clearly about to change. Now it's just waiting for packages from borderline guilty binge online shopping... 


  1. Love how you use the length of the outfit to give more height, it's simple yet elegant and casual. Paired with simple jewelry and some sunglasses, it's a great outfit!


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