One Hot Summer Day

Patterson Kincaid tie-dyed tank | Hollister cut off shorts | Vans sneakers

On a hot day in the summer (Saturday), I headed to Catalina for a mini getaway. I had to wake up super early and drive to Newport Beach to catch the Catalina Flyer. Although the long line that had already formed was daunting, we fortunately got good seats on the top deck, with shade. Luckily I don't get seasick... because that seemed to be a fairly common event on this boat, considering the little baggies available on each seat. I needed a breezy top, knowing how hot it was expected to be. This one by Patterson Kincaid is one of my faves for summer. The lace up design with tie-dyed combination is genius. We zip-lined, got sunburned, walked around aimlessly, laid out on the condensed beach area, and watched people fish. Q created this silly video of us ziplining... and managed to make it seem even more exciting than it actually was.


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