Weekends Mean Breakfast for Lunch

Banana Republic blazer | AmericanEagle boyfriend shorts | Zara top | Lacoste sunglasses | Jeffrey Campbell fisherman boots | Gap belt

More times than not, the breakfast menu looks just seems so much more appealing than anything closely offered for lunch or dinner. The bf had his usual craving for some ridiculously sweet french toast goodness, so we opted for Messhall (it was either this, Alcove, or IHOP) ... which we knew would still be serving breakfast. I decided to go for something different, the breakfast burrito. Yumm... and the Stumptown coffee they serve here simply turned my late lunch into a true morning meal. I added some more FlashTat bling... I'm forced to resist the strong urge to go more crazy with it. Ideally, it would be all over the place, everywhere. But sadly, I don't think it would be appropriate for work...


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