Workday Monday 07.28.2014

H&M tank | Zara wide leg belted pants and clutch 

The nostalgia of those extra long gangsta initial belts from the 90's came flooding back when I set eyes on these pants... and I knew I had to have them. The exposed zipper, of course, was a crazy added bonus... especially combined with the idea that I would most likely be wearing these pants - to work. I found this buttoned tank with a lapel that is perfect under a blazer and absolutely wonderful on its own in this hot weather. For some reason I feel like sleeveless tops aren't really appropriate for work, but this would definitely be an exception.


  1. Great side braid, great pants!

  2. not loving the exposed zipper, but, otherwise, this outfit is perfect, including your accessories . . .

  3. I like the exposed zipper and the top!


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