Set on White

Zara shorts | Zara cardigan | Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots | Rayban wayfarers

It's Zara sale season... this means I end up scouring the various Zara stores in Los Angeles... in addition to browsing online. I'm all about a good deal. And all about my love for Zara.
Why do I need to go to all the Zaras (for things on sale during sale season)....
1. Zara at Figat7th - a new store means they have all the newest items from when they first stocked
2. Hollywood Zara - because it's in the mecca of where all the tourism happens, it's also the best spot to score blazers and work clothes... tourists don't buy these on vacation
3. Oldtown Pasadena Zara - they have the most casual stuff... jeans, t-shirts, and tanks, and the widest selection of shoes
4. Zara at Century City/Westfield - the least amount of damaged items...
5. Zara at The Grove - just because
I know... I've just set myself up to look like a crazy shopaholic...but it's also my form of exercise.

Zara is finally opening up a store at the Glendale Galleria...Countdown to Summer 2015! Seriously though, this new addition is long overdue.

And a random online test-  For those who are curious, I got "In the Distant Future"


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