May 25, 2014

Seattle in Snapshots

Outfit 1: Nike animal print leggings | Zara top | Lucky Brand ankle boots
Outfit 2: H&M jeans and plaid shirt | Gap top | UO studded ankle boots
Outfit 3: LnA top | light trenchcoat from Korea | Lucky Brand ankle boots

As tourist as it gets... much love Seattle!

1. Long Beach Airport- quickest TSA check ever with semi-outdoor flight gates
2. Victrola Coffee - first taste of Seattle coffee
3. Rain Wall - since we luckily lacked the predicted rain for the weekend
4. The First Starbucks - heavily trafficked
5. Gum Wall - perfectly sunlit by the time we found it walking around the entire Pike Place Market
6. Walking around everywhere...(props to my comfy shoes)
7. Taking a short break on a surprisingly empty bench at Pike Place Market
8. A bit of Seattle grunge/hipster vibe
9. Lots of Google-mapping (reception tested, sister annoyed)
10. Breathtaking view of clouds and water with a glimpse of the Seattle Great Wheel
11. Molly Moon's Ice Cream - you know I gotta have my ice cream
12. Being a tourist among tourists
13. Trekking the hill to see the Fremont Troll after Milstead Coffee (my fave coffee in Seattle)
14. Fremont Troll - my poor acting skills revealed (quite opposite for my sister)
15. Sunny Sunday in Fremont
16. Beecher's Cheese - couldn't leave without a block of the Flagship

Keeping an Eye Out For: anything summer

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