Random Day 14

Ina sweater tank | O2 Denim acid wash jeans | UO hat

The lingering touches of summer is sometimes so perfect for some of the lesser appreciated items in my closet. This sweater tank was perfect for this weather - with its fall/winter thick knit mockneck and the crochet open back design. I feel like this season's cropped sweater and thin turtleneck trend almost so appropriately predicted this in-between weather we're having in southern California. Paired with these soft acid wash skinny jeans, and ankle boots seemed to give a slight goth grunge vibe which I was kinda on the fence about, but decided to embrace. I can't believe it's already mid-November! My friends and I have already semi-planned a holiday dinner potluck, it's definitely end-of-the-year samples sale time, and, of course, I'm super excited to have my sisters home for the holidays...

Keeping an Eye Out For: work clothes


  1. I like it! Classy and clean. X


  2. Love the look. Gorgeous pop of color on the lips.



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