Already This Time of Year

Zara velvet brocade top | Ellison leather shorts | Lucky Brand ankle boots | Rebecca Minkoff bag | UO hat

For whatever reason, I love wearing sweaters with shorts... I got this velvet brocade pullover from the Zara summer sale and managed to finally wear it during this sweater and shorts weather. And while it was a bit more chilly than expected this week, heavier shorts really do help. So does the hat.
For the past few years, the term "work clothes" either didn't really exist, or pretty much meant I could throw on whatever I wanted (exhibit A: see above photos)... thereby contradicting what most other people would refer to when having to wear clothes that fall into that "work clothes" category. In all honesty, I shouldn't have been surprised... but what I thought would be a genuinely exciting excuse to do more shopping (new job = new clothes), really turned into sorta giving up on finding any "work clothes." (Key word: "sorta" - I don't think I can completely give up). I mean, I've been able to manage when I only needed to go to that section of my closet once in a while... but now, it'll be everyday. There's got to be more ways to put outfits together without looking borderline librarian (not that I have anything against librarians...I actually played "library" as a sisters were patrons, of course). But for the time being, I'm hoping throwing on a blazer atop whatever I feel like will do the job, until I build my wardrobe for this genre of fashion.

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