Picket Fences

H&M floral tank | Converse leather hi-tops | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Lacoste sunglasses | La Mer watch

I've always had a hard time balancing out my closet. And currently, it's almost completely lopsided. While I have tons of jeans and bottoms, my tops section is rather bare. I tend to have a hard time finding items that I like...and even if I do like it at first, its usually quickly placed aside for my sisters in a hand-me-down pile. Hence, the phrase "I have nothing to wear" has been recently more rampant in my head than ever. Thus, I felt inclined to spend the weekend shopping, and opted for comfort in order to take care of some serious business. Unfortunately, nothing caught my eye... except for these variations of picket fences in such close proximity. Photo opp~
And of course, Happy Happy Birthday to my mommy...the most amazing woman I know. <3 p="">
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