Simply Dressed

JBrand skinny jeans | AE white t-shirt  | Lacoste sunglasses

Simplicity really tends to boil down to jeans and a t-shirt. (I'm sure this is totally unconventional). Like many others, I love the fit of JBrand jeans... with its not too low low-rise and perfect stretch. Unlike the overly done Zara asymmetrical skort, I love seeing girls wear jeans and a t-shirt. But seriously, is the purpose of the  Zara skort (and its copies) supposed to be that it's literally worn by everyone on their blog and any other social media outlet? Am I missing something? It's just such a blatantly obvious design that it just seems like everyone is wearing the same thing. Zara really sold that baby. As much as I'd love to provide links to show you what I'm talking about, if you're lost, I'm sure Google can do a better job. Have a great weekend!
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