Busy Has It

Prada heels | Cynthia Steffe vest | DIY jeans

It's been a busy few weeks. Unfortunately, it's not my blog that keeps me occupied... We made our way to Las Vegas for the 4th of July with friends visiting from Korea... and despite the unbearably dry heat, we had a blast simply strolling through all the hotels and laying by the pool. We couldn't stay for the weekend, but it was surprisingly still packed mid-week. I lost $20 and ate at the new Bacchanel buffet at Caesar's Palace. Apparently, it cost millions of dollars to finish, and we literally stood in line for 1.5 hours...although the line got even longer when we were about 45 minutes in. The food was fresh... lots of variety...oysters, lamb chops, sushi, crepes made to order, and everything else you can think of. If you like buffets, this is for you.
It has been humid-hot in LA... which I'm not really used to. It even rained sporadically the last two days. Hence, the cloudy gloom in the photos (on my face and the sky) yet sleeveless outfit. I never know how to dress when it's hot without sun. It seems only proper to wear a jacket or sweater when looking out the window, meanwhile having the air-conditioner going indoors, and feeling sticky once outside. I need to do some research for appropriate attire. (Jasface, here's the weather report you've been missing out on).

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