Like Any Other Day

H&M dress | Urban Outfitters studded ankle boots | Rebecca Minkhoff bag

This dress has seriously proven and gone beyond its expected worth...It's an easy fabric, interesting print, and truly affordable price. I don't usually buy dresses as a last minute decision, but this one enticed me. I've already worn it with ankle boots (as seen above, haha), sandals, and heels. I love that it's not form-fitting but still a step away from being considered a total shift dress. I'm still trying to spend as much time as possible in flats since the pain in my tailbone still hasn't completely subsided. These ankle boots were best friends with my feet the last time I was in NY, and I re-realized why. Comfort with edge. I made my way up to a semi-viewpoint near the bf's house in Silver Lake...where the colorful paint flows down an unusual rock-wall. Just hard to see when you're actually atop it.

Keeping an Eye Out For: something new!


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