Off the Wall

Primark t-shirt (from London) | Tobi skirt | H&M skirt | Ralph Lauren bag | Chilli Beans sunglasses

Usually it's a t-shirt and jeans. But I just wasn't in the mood. So I pulled out an oldie but goodie... Well, I guess both the tee and skirt are seasoned members of my closet. Who knew a last minute grab at Primark would become my fave graphic tee? In any case, I managed to snap these shots while waiting for my lunch...chicken with garlic sauce and hummus. And seriously, I'm so happy that it's actually heating up properly in LA. It's about time, summer.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pants


  1. This ties with the one from last October 29th or so as my favorite set of yours. You rock those fabulous chucks so well that I wish there were more poses and pics. Thank you for these as you are a fox.

  2. amazing! love this combination ;)


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