Zara top | Forever 21 skirt | Lacoste sunglasses

Despite being almost sure I'd be in Canada for the weekend, I'm painfully bummed that I'm sitting at home. My close friend, Karina, is tying the knot with her high school crush (not sweetheart) today. I witnessed their relationship magically go from "crush" to engaged (fastforward years later) during endless hours together in the library during law school. Karina and Zain, I wish you guys the best! And as cliche as it sounds, I really wish you guys years and years of happiness!
On that note, I'm still debating as to what there is to do this weekend where I won't be trampled by a million other people who are enjoying the 75 degree California weather., or stuck in traffic trying to get anywhere. And of course, this t-shirt is still a fave from Zara... which happens to go with everything including a random polka-dot skirt from Forever21 from a couple years back...it makes the skirt loveable again and keeps it from flying up in the breezes we've been having.

Keeping an Eye Out For: something new!


  1. We suck at being friends! How is it that neither one of us were there?!


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