Back in San Diego

Gap top and belt | diy cut off shorts | Lacoste sunglasses | Vans tennis shoes | Rebecca Minkoff  bag

I headed to San Diego this past weekend for a backyard bbq going away party for one of my bestest friends...He's heading to Hong Kong for a couple years to hopefully make some big bucks... I stuffed myself with some delicious tacos, tiramisu cake, cold beer, and waffle ice cream sandwiches from Baked Bear. The guys engaged in ridiculous dares, played flip cup (sigh, college), took turns riding a skill-required tree swing, and bonfired it up in a random firepit he has on a grassy patch next to the garage. A few of us, my fave part of all, walked along the gorgeous sandy shores of SD. He only lives a few blocks from the beach! I can't believe he's giving this up to go to Hong Kong... The water was surprisingly warm and riddled with enough surfers and dog-walkers/runners to people-watch for a good hour. And to top it off, the weather was so fantastically perfect that I wish I had planned to stay an extra day...

Keeping an Eye Out For: something new!


  1. Hey I saw your beach pics on pinterest. They are pretty awesome :)

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