No Seriously, Take my Picture.

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

Despite the "sharing" craze this video has probably already encountered, I wanted to post it anyway risking the reveal of being behind in fashion, blogging, vimeo-ing, or whatever this should be categorized under (and my sisters will probably enjoy it). It's a charismatic dual perspective of this world of bloggers, photos, and the internet. And, the title is so fitting. I seriously say this to the bf every other day. Okay fine, all the time.  In a way, this video brought forth my initial thoughts and feelings about blogging. For one, in the beginning, I believed that your friends and family were supposed to be your biggest "support." But then again, support for what? If that's not the case, then is having a blog simply for the rest of the world, people you don't know, to look at pictures of you in what you believe to be super stylish? There was a point where I didn't want to tell people I had a fashion blog, only because it seemed so narcissistic, which it kinda is. Secondly, blogging appeared to give the impression that all I do is shop and buy new clothes. It's true, I'm a shopaholic...but in reality, I'm window shopping (in addition to getting exercise) and would probably be labeled as frugal. I just love to browse pretty things. Maybe I'm just good at choosing items that go well with everything else... thus, giving the illusion of constant new stuff. Moreover, this video also pinpoints "peacocking," (new fashion slang to add to my vocab) which is kind of afflicting in a way. It sheds light on the bf's perspective that Facebook and the Internet can seriously cause depression. While it gives some the illusion of living this (for lack of a better all-encompassing word) "cool" life, it also makes you forget that even supermodels have to take a number two. Maybe that's why people love tabloids of celebrities captured in ugly moments. It either makes you feel better about yourself, or reminds you that we're all human. Anyway, to end this post, this video is pretty good. It makes me want to blog even more, and at the same time, hate blogging. I guess this antithetical response to the video is what makes it good. Oh, and the magazine is awesome (Garage Magazine). Me Meme Me Meme. Love it.


  1. This video really got me thinking.

    Yes, there is a certain peacocking and circus element to Fashion Month, but I think the entire bizarre show of it all makes it both entertaining and inspiring. I find more inspiration from street style than I do runway, because people have such quirky interpretations of fashion... and it makes fashion more of a wearable mood art than something that clip clopped down the runway on an amazonian stick thin model. More accessible? I don't know.

    Thanks for writing this. Definitely gives a fellow blogger something to think about.

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx //


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