The Happy Blues

Gap bootcut jeans | Forever 21 sweater | Zara oversized blazer | Karen Walker sunglasses

From time to time, I forget how wonderfully Gap jeans fit. Is it just me? I pulled out these bootcut jeans while organizing my closet, and rediscovered how figure-flattering the fit and material is, while being so worth the price. It is always a little challenging to work bootcut into my daily wear, after being so used to skinny jeans nowadays. Additionally, I finally convinced myself to wear this oversized blazer. I've been a bit hesitant, due to worrying about looking like I belong in a research lab. C'mon, a big white coat? All I need are some goggles or an id badge on the left lapel. But I've gotten over the fear...and decided to incorporate more of the stuff that's been left forgotten in my closet. And actually, I'm delightfully pleased with the slightly tomboy prep look which resulted.

I also recently stumbled upon one of the best "see it on" features for fashion. I remember buying one of those computer cd-roms back in middle school where you take a picture of yourself and try different hair styles. It looked like I was putting lego hair on my picture and never reflected anything realistic. I'm not sure how long H&M has been running this, but it is amazing! It seems to read my mind on how I want to layer each article of clothing. It's not even necessary to upload your own picture. Too bad we still can't order online from the US. But honestly, I can see myself wasting spending a lot of time playing around with this. Check it out : H&M Dressing Room

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pants


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