H&M jeans | O'Neil blazer sweater |  Lucky Brand ankle boots

I decided to shed the winter jacket I've been wearing incessantly since the sun's seemed a bit warmer today. Well, I was right. It was only a tad bit warmer and I wished I had my jacket every time I stepped outside. I practically lived in this blazer/sweater last fall right before I took the bar. I didn't want to look like a complete slob... yet needed to be comfortable and warm in the over-airconditioned lecture rooms. It just so comes in handy when I'm looking to dress in simple simple solids.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather jeans


  1. Love your look
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  2. i like the simplicity of this urban look. you have such long legs! i discovered you on lookbook today and thought I'd say hi :)

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
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  3. simple but elegant., <3 love it.,

  4. Nice, and I like what you're doing with your hair . . .


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