Lotion, Yes, Lotion

LF Stores sweater | H&M jeans | MinkPink boots from LF Stores

I know I wasn't in NY for that long... but I discovered a life-changing product (dramatic, I know). I'm very particular about lotion. I rarely use hand lotion, and have been using baby lotion (Johnson & Johnson) for my body as long as I can remember. Any other lotion I've tried feels greasy (even when it says non-greasy). This initially skeptical looking packaging, smells delightful and has no remnants of "grease." Seriously, Soap & Glory, you've changed me. I realize, thus far, this is an entire post on lotion. But unless you really know the importance of the right lotion, you can't roll your eyes.
But okay, I'll discuss my outfit. I love H&M jeans. They are super affordable and don't lose their shape despite numerous washes. I love the front seam on these. These boots are a longtime favorite and never cease to obtain compliments. And an oversized knit sweater is a favorite for everyone, no?

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pants


  1. you look so gorgeous!

  2. beautiful outfit, love those wicked boots . . .


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