Bracing for Warmth

Via Spiga heels | Zara top | Trench coat from Korea | Old Navy jeans (rolled up) | Elizabeth & James sunnies

As usual, I love recycling a pair of old jeans into a wearable now. These jeans are probably the oldest pair I own. The washed out color and worn-thin comfy feel is equally as exciting as a new pair. My ankles were freezing though... It's been cold and dreary. I can't wait to appreciate the warm weather when I get to Cabos this weekend. I've already started to semi-pack by digging through my summer wear. Additionally, I've made it my new year's resolution to start exercising more. My muscles experienced true shock after my first pilates class (I'm now on my third...still shocked). My mom and sisters are still convinced this is another fad and will die out soon. Now that Cabos is this weekend, I wish I started earlier...and hope to prove them wrong after donning a swimsuit for the first time in a long while (motivation for summer). This summer year, I will take advantage of living in southern California and spend more days by the beach.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pants


  1. Me encanta el look, los zapatos son preciosos!!!

  2. great photo shoot, you look gorgeous . . .

  3. Replies
    1. i like your straight hair haha!!!


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