Winter Vacay

Zara top | Furst jeans (from LF stores) | Franco Sarto ankle boots | Marc Jacobs watch | Urban Outfitters sunglasses | Scarf (gift from sister)

I'm lucky enough to get about 2 weeks off of work for the holidays... this works out perfectly considering my sisters are home! We've already exhausted shopping, eating, and gossiping... which on second thought is impossible... so I guess we've just done a lot of it. Tomorrow they'll be making a mess in the kitchen with potluck dishes and baked goodies to prepare. Notice I said "they." I'm planning on being the overseer/food taster/tv-watcher. We finally managed to finish wrapping all our Christmas gifts today so I'll be relaxing again tomorrow. Merry Christmas Eve!

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pencil skirt


  1. love this sexy outfit, you look gorgeous . . .


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