It's California Cold

Uniqlo jeans | Zara heels | Ark&Co jacket

With the temperature rapidly decelerating, I'm finding less and less things to wear in my closet. In the end, I throw on a big jacket predicting I won't take it off until I get back home. I'm pretty sure I'm being a wimp when I compare what the weather will be like in NY when I go in January. And on top of that, winter clothes take up way more room in a suitcase. I will most likely be investing in a few heat-tech items from Uniqlo as soon as I land. I got these jeans the last time I was there. Although it's not heattech-ified, they're super comfy and don't lose their fit no matter how many times I wash 'em. I chose this Ark&Co jacket just to dress up my outfit a little...It's amazing what a few details (like split sleeves at the hem) can do to make you go from browsing past it, to purchasing it.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pencil skirt


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