Good Morning December

Esley Collection vest | Zara top | Lucky Brand ankle boots

As if to provide at least a little bit of proof that it's winter here in California, the weather here showed a slight drop in temperature and continuous rain. Still not what you would quite call "winter," but I'm not much of a cold weather person anyway. It's probably pretty obvious that I wear these boots more hours than I sleep... and more often than I wear anything else. A clear sign of a perfect buy. They're already showing signs of wear at the toe... but fantastically looks deliberate. A blatantly obvious sign that I should buy a second pair... if only they haven't sold out already in my size. I've worn this Esley Collection vest equally as often, but over a period of time. It is surprisingly warm enough to go without an actual jacket and versatile enough I can wear it with different items in my closet to add a touch of edge. Which, in fact, is why I'm super excited to go to Esley's sample sale this Saturday! Time to really stock up on some quality staple pieces.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pencil skirt (affordable)


  1. I wish the weather in Canada was as warm as California... we whipped out our down winter jackets a month ago haha.
    cute boots btw~ :)


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