California Clouds

H&M jeans | Forever 21 top | Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots

I love that there is almost at least a little bit of sun in California... even on rainy days from time to time. For a few days, it's been all clouds and gloom... but it made a nice backdrop for the palm trees actually. It also gave me a reason to wear my red boots. I don't always feel that my outfit is fitting to pull out these babies from my closet. Maybe it's the shearling trim, or just the holiday color. I have to find more ways to implement them because they are super comfy... and super cute. And don't worry, it wasn't a stray dog I was trying to get the attention of.  He belongs to the coffee shop next door.

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Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pencil skirt (affordable)


  1. beautiful outfit, love your red boots, you look gorgeous . . .

  2. i remember you got those boots on super sale!!


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