Thank You~ Love, Angela

Pol cardigan | Carmar jeans | Urban Outfitters top | Elizabeth and James sunglasses

This year, Thanksgiving's at our place. Which means I'll be waking up bright and early to start prepping for dinner. Don't know if that's the best idea... but I'm hoping for a good turnout. These monumental holidays in the calendar year really point out the fact that time flies! Mind you, it's apparently going to be around 80 degrees this weekend... I can't complain. Perfect walking around, shopping, beach, etc etc etc weather. This top has mesh shoulders which don't show from under my cardigan... it was a bit chilly. And I finally got a haircut (not shown in photo). I felt like I was drowning in all my hair.
Happy Thanksgiving! As always, I'm grateful for so many blessings in my life. Thank you to all my readers who've always been so supportive~ and an unnecessary ego boost from time to time. XOXO

(by the way... are people really doing the whole black friday shopping? The amount of people seem absolutely daunting to be worth it... am I missing out?)

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  1. beautiful outfit, great photo shoot, don't care much for the shoes though . . .


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