Rain As We Call It

LNA sweater | Furst Denim jeans from LF Stores | Urban Outfitters beanie | Lucky Brand ankle boots

My best law school bud would always scoff at us Californians. A little bit of rain brings out the puffy jackets, thick coats, winter scarves, and beanies. And of course, she thinks it's ridiculous that this amount of rain can cause this much traffic. I must say... sometimes it's true. When else do we get to don our chic winter wardrobe? So... with the gloomy and wet weather, I wore my slouchy beanie, although I regretted letting my hair loose. Oh the humidity and what it does to my hair! I am in love with this sweater from LNA... as I am with all things from LNA.

Keeping an Eye Out For: leather pencil skirt (affordable)


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