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Abercrombie tank | ShopSosie swing pant

I've been sick. It's amazing how I catch the most colds in the summertime! I've had a sore throat and fever... which has now developed into that husky voice and runny nose. How attractive. Anyway, these are some shots after climbing the music box steps and standing in front of random people's houses.
I've been looking for the perfect pair of palazzo pants for quite a while now, and I finally found them at ShopSosie! They also have it in blush... except my size is already sold out!

And Britney Spears is gorgeous, again.

Keeping an Eye Out For: shoes


  1. Ooh those are pants? I was thinking it was a maxi skirt! They must be so incredibly comfy. Loving the casual way you paired them with a tee.

  2. Wow I also thought it was a skirt... How amazing are these pants, so special!


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