Twisted Maiden

Zara striped linen top | American Eagle shorts | Forever21 lace up heels | Forever21 necklace | Ralph Lauren bag
With a slightly wavy bottom, I simply twisted side pieces of my hair and tied it in the back. Too easy. It is definitely girly, but generally, it keeps the hair out of my face...This row of beach-house like homes made the perfect backdrop. Don't you love the balconies? I picked up this random pouch necklace at Forever21. If it actually fit anything, it would be even more loveable.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: shoes


  1. The row of balconies is pretty cool; I feel like if I ever own a house, I'd want a balcony of sorts, but it's rather hard to come by where I live (probably because it's impractical when it snows. Hope you had a good weekend! xx

  2. I love your hair like this! And that necklace reminds me of the mini Balenciaga keychains, so cute but so useless (haha) x


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