Loose Waves

ArynK dress | Juicy Couture sunglasses | Urban Outfitters wooden sandals | Ralph Lauren bag

The hairstyle I most often resort to. Pretty much the go-to style for any special event, or when I have extra time in the morning... or when I don't really have any other idea of what to do. I got this super comfy dress (as you can imagine), from an Arynk sample sale. Doubles for casual and dressy daytime needs.  Additionally, I posted a picture of my next door neighbor's dog. So cute! We initially thought it was a lost dog.. and decided to give it a bath (I know, random) only to shortly later realize that it was their dog. I'm loving this hot heat... but apprehensive about the outdoor bridal shower this saturday~

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: shoes


  1. THIS made me laugh out loud! I can't believe you and mom washed our next door neighbor's dog! It is so cuteeeeeee!! Lets steal it! Miss you uhnee!! I love all your hair posts! you can do some intricate styles on me when i come homeeeeeeee per gratis!

  2. That dress on you is perfection! Plus such a cute dog!

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