Going Asian Straight

H&M tank | ArknCo shorts | Korea heels | Juicy Couture sunglasses
In my personal circle, it's pretty well-known that I love doing hair. For those following my blog, it might be apparent through the various hair styles I like to do on myself... I even did my own hair for prom! Plus prom hair for numerous others. I've come a long way from paying my sisters to allow me to touch their hair. For the month of August, I thought I'd try to do a different hair style for every post. Now that I'm free from bar torture, you can tell I'm finding creative ways to manage my time. (Apart from hours of shopping) Today's post features the traditional stick straight asian hair. I don't have that silky straight asian hair... unfortunately just my sisters got those genes. In fact, my hair is thick, with a slight wave. So, yes, this is also a hair style that has to be "done." Oh, and blue grass at the Grove!

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