Sunday Mental Abyss

AE distressed white skinny jeans | F21 heels and lace peplum top | Baghaus urban expressions blake tote

I'm beginning to believe that this brain of mine is actually an abyss...with an exceptional ability to forget things quickly and memorize nothing. I'm praying that the information is all in there somewhere, and I just need to conjure it up at the right moment. I will be on hiatus.. for the next two weeks, I will literally fall off the earth and survive solely in the confines of the library and my designated study areas. I've finally managed to switch out my purse at the most opportune moment with this perfect slouchy purse. It's large enough for me to throw just about everything I feel inclined necessary to carry with me at all times, and things that are probably unnecessary, but crucial for those just in case situations where I proudly whip it out. Additionally, after shying away from wearing white pants in quite a while, I decided to dig them out from the back of my drawer and pretend like I'm enjoying the summer. Haha. The end of July is so dangerously and stressfully close, yet so far away...

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: shoes


  1. i love this tote on you! quite a fan of large bags myself - i like to call it the black hole (as i can never usually find what i'm looking for in it!) and the white jeans look really good on; you have such long legs! :)

  2. Your legs look impossibly long in those pants.



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