Psuedo Paradiso

ArknCo cut out romper | F21 lace up ankle boots

Grateful does not yield enough synonyms to complete encompass my gratitude. (You should know who you are because you'll relate to my next sentence <3) The ups and downs are seemingly getting better as I'm getting into the groove of studying all day long and managing my time appropriately. I will finally take some time to paint my nails. Now to figure out how to squeeze in a bit of blood flow... probably in the form of simple walking. This romper is absolutely amazing... don't you think? The cut outs, the box pleats, the wildly interesting print...a complete must-have! It would be opposite of a default item in my closet...rather than knowing this will always work in the end, I would probably have to force myself to choose something else so I don't over-wear it. It totally makes me feel like I should be on a resort in paradise. Oh, and I obviously have some serious love for that golden hour lighting combined with the random sidewalks of Silver Lake.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Palazzo pants


  1. that's a super cute romper! wish i had your legs ;)

  2. Love the short!!! and the romper as well!! :)

  3. Totally in love with this outfit. Your new follower :)


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