NastyGal gina stripe knit | Zara shorts | F21 lace up boots

I ventured back to the park for some fresh air... Unfortunately, it was riddled with a million bees. One of the, ahem, lovely sounds of summer. This sweater is the perfect deep wine color which is usually an unconventional one for my closet. But I found that the way it nonchalantly falls off my shoulder while keeping me cool during the day and a bit warmer at night makes it a must have knit. Anyway, my test is only a few weeks away. The stress has engulfed my being. My fourth of July looks like catch-up day on everything I've fallen behind on. Additionally, my sister will be in town again. So hopefully I'll be able to make some time to hit up the korean sauna.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: shoes


  1. That knit is gorgeous and love the boots :)

  2. yay! I was thinking the same thing. I need a good scrubbin.

  3. love the back to that sweater. also, your legs are impossibly long.

  4. awwwwww so pretty uhnee!! i miss the park! hope your lsat studying is going well!!!! i miss you sooooooo

  5. love these photos!!!


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