Obviously Distracted

NastyGal gold rush dress
(photo by: Alex Song)

Generally, my life is now committed to sitting for hours on end and adamantly resisting any ADD tendencies. I was able to sneak in some time prior to my stringent study schedule to go back to the park with Alex to shoot some "golden hour" photos. I actually got more exercise than expected...This dress has an eye-catching trim but makes it impossible to wear anything with seams underneath. Good thing I wasn't going anywhere in particular that day.
I'm now a proud new owner of an Ipad (grad/bday present), thanks to my fab bf <3

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Palazzo pants
(someday when I have time to shop)


  1. i love this shot! the dress looks great on you.


  2. Absolutely beautiful shot. Love the pop of color on your lips and the winged eyeliner.

  3. I've been dying for this dress but for some odd reason I'm very hesitant to buy it :/

  4. You look so pretty - love the dress :D


  5. Love this photo - the eyeliner looks fab on you!

  6. angela! so pretty :) i saw you on the nastygal tumblr!


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