Life's an Adventure

F21 striped buttoned shirt | A&F shorts | Juicy Couture sunglasses

After three years, I've officially received my juris doctorate. I found the perfect grad dress (very last minute) at the Line & Dot sample sale... along with a few other excitingly everyday wearable items. I'm so utterly grateful to my mom for putting up with me the past 3 years... and the more she will deal with in the next grueling 2 months. Additionally, to my sisters who have been super supportive, and my bf who has held my hand through it all. Of course, my friends who have always been there for me. Life is definitely an adventure... As cliche as it sounds, I don't think I expected things to turn out as they did. Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that and try to keep that in mind with every curve ball that happens to come my way.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Palazzo pants


  1. love this outfit :) casual but cool


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