Tie-Dyed Summer

CarMar tie-dyed shorts from LF stores | F21 buttoned shirt | Gap cropped trench jacket

With the preferable weather outlook (I sound like an old British lady, with all this weather talk), I finally got to wear these awesome shorts I found from LF Stores. While they were a size too big, I had to have them... and found I like them slightly slung off my hips anyway. I decided the front steps of the bf's new apt is probably going to be a common backdrop in future posts. This buttoned shirt from F21 is probably years old... don't you love items that really never go out of style?

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Swimsuit
(now that it's spring, it's more plausible - right?)


  1. amazing outfit! love the pants

  2. i found your blog through LB and just had to come by and see more pics. :)
    I LOVE these shorts! the colors and artsy print make them magical!
    I am your newest follower.
    if you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog.


  3. did the korean care package have any goodies for your sisters??


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