The New Trench

Trench coat and heels from Korea | F21 top and cat eye sunglasses

As one of the main items I was looking forward to in my package from Korea, this trench really didn't disappoint. The fit (obviously made for Asian girls) was perfect...and the floppy front gives it that extra touch. I freely wore these heels when it was sunny enough a few days ago. I always get compliments every time I wear them. I'm super bummed to see that my AccuWeather was right.. it is raining today. I have my law school prom today... which means having to avoid puddles in my pumps and hoping my hair doesn't get too flat from getting wet. (still haven't decided what I'm wearing... just sure about the hair and shoes) I'm so happy to be almost done.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Swimsuit
(now that it's spring, it's more plausible - right?)


  1. love the blog, love your style! want to feature you but didnt see an email!

    -HE lets talk


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