Foxy Sweater

F21 sweater and distressed skinny jeans | UO heels 

Slightly embarrassingly enough, I've fallen in love with this sweater that has the tendency of being a bit overly cute and fobby. But the stripe detail on the sleeves, wide cut neckline, and the obvious embroidered fox drew me in. I love having simple sweaters that I can wear with jeans for those 70 something degree days where wearing a jacket just doesn't work. After spending the majority of my weekend doing my own rendition of P90x, aka helping the bf move, he's finally settled in, complete with electricity. I can now be enthusiastic for exploring the little shops in Silver Lake within walking distance without being hindered by the thought of having to find parking just to take a peek. On an equally exciting note, my mom finally got a smart phone... time to teach her the joys of extensive kakao emoticons.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Swimsuit
(now that it's spring, it's more plausible - right?)


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