Madewell top | F21 pleated polka-dot skirt | F21 ankle boots
photos with my Galaxy SII

This photo was taken near Mendocino Farms right before I scarfed down my lunch. My weekend trip to Palm Springs was laughter-filled to say the least. After soaking in the jacuzzi and swimming in an endlessly large heated pool, and laying in face masks with literally everyone in the family, we hit the casino to hopefully gain some funds for outlet shopping the next day. While my luck wasn't too great with slots, I had my first taste of making some money with blackjack. Unfortunately, the outlet didn't have anything that really caught my eye minus a simple sweater. All in all, I realized how much fun I have with my cousins/family and can't wait for next year.

(Still) Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Swimsuit


  1. Really nice outfit!!! I particularly love the skirt *_*


  2. cuteee. american eagle has cute swimsuitsss right now


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