Schoolgirl Satchel

Luluvia collared top | LF Stores hi-low top | Zara ankle boots | Zara leather satchel
photos by: Francis Bonacic

I love my new satchel from Zara! The width perfection allows me to actually put stuff in it without causing misshapen lumps. Sometimes looking through my closet makes me realize more and more that I don't have a particular style. But I think that's mainly what I love about getting dressed in the morning. Whatever I feel like that edgy look, feminine look, tomboyish, etc. This usually deters a strong group of blog followers because I'm all over the place. However, I abandoned fitting into a specific genre of style a long time ago...which is, in actuality, more me.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Swimsuit


  1. i think you actually have your own style :) love this look + totally jealous of your clutch/satchel - such a gorgeous colour too.

  2. You look amazing and I want to contact you by mail.
    Please send to

  3. I would wear this entire look head to toe. SERIOUSLY.

    me ke aloha, Mae

  4. this is a great look on you!!! sexy yet sophisticated! The shots looks Great!


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