My Kinda Casual

Forever 21 striped shorts | Zara top | Marc Jacobs necklace

Surprisingly, the bf didn't put up a fight when I suggested a plethora of daytime activities which included going to Ikea and the Americana. What a sport, huh?! I didn't find anything in particular, apart from a new nail polish in neon while scarfing down some Rite Aid ice cream and a colorful set up stairs at Madewell. Additionally, walking around in these Isabel Marant inspired ankle boots ($15!) made it even more pleasant. That much comfy and cuteness in a pair of shoes is as satisfying as the swedish meatballs at Ikea. While I have nothing planned for this weekend, I think a haircut is definitely on the roster. The length and shag it has gone beyond manageable.


  1. Amazing outfits, great blog! Love your wrk!
    fashionhypnotised girl

  2. i can never get past the swedish meatballs at ikea. love the colour of your boots! i have something similar and wish it were not raining so much over here so i can wear mine too!

  3. Could you tell me where your boots are from? New to your blog but loving your mix of style!


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