I Guess I Have to Watch The Artist

Lacoste striped dress | H&M jacket | F21 laced boots
photos by: Francis Bonacic

I found this shapeless yet comfy dress at Lacoste when we stopped by the outlet on our way back from Palm Springs. Right when I had given up hope in finding anything worth buying, this random dress caught my eye. It's a mix pajamas and tennis outfit, both of which have always been appealing (despite private tennis lessons, I had to give it up before I ever got to wear a cute tennis skirt on the court). As always, these Forever 21 shoes are the perfect go-to pair for any outfit... they've gotten pretty dirty, but I haven't figured out what they're exactly made of to find a plausible way to clean them. I'm so close to spring break I can taste it. If I can just put my mind to studying for tomorrow's midterm...I'd be in the clear. I've had the Oscar's on my tv in the background the past few hours... but realized I haven't seen a single movie besides Moneyball. Maybe I'll catch up on such current events during my break...Apparently I need to watch The Artist with all those wins.

Currently Keeping an Eye Out For: Maxi dress with high side slit
(swimsuit search on hiatus)


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