Newspaper Wall

Ellison dress, cardigan | Esley shorts, tank | Urban Outfitters heels

Art project of the day: creating a newspaper wall. I don't want to start school.
Excitement of the week: leaving for NY early tomorrow morning! Time to bundle up.
I will be staying at the Magnificent Sisters Suite by the Hudson, where I hope to be served breakfast in bed...
Oh yea, Happy Birthday to my biggest support... love you!


  1. The newspaper wall came out really great; it seems like quite an intensive art project. I like how your dress is really simple, but it stands out because of the bright colours and the folds/design of the bust. Same with the sweater, I like how there's that lace trim on it to add more visual interest. Have a safe trip to NY and stay warm!

  2. I love the newspaper wall background. The dress is gorgeous.


  3. newspaper wall is nice.
    hot pink dress is nice,too.

  4. Love your style!!

  5. Love this style!. Contrast between the grey and magenta pink is excellent. and the pose is fabulous!

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