Teal My Green

Madewell top | JBrand shorts | Jessica Simpson ankle boots | UO coat

Stumbled across Sweeney Todd's Barbershop? So fitting considering Jersey Girl has been playing nonstop on tv... I've never watched Sweeney Todd but maybe that's an idea for sitting at home with my sisters and a cup of hot chocolate this winter break. While the sun happens to be brightly shining on my face, I've had difficulty trying to avoid the cold. I pulled out this coat my sister discarded at home and was able to manage. An odd color, but odd enough that I feel it'll go with anything. NY in early January is bringing a bit of apprehension.. I'm not well-versed in dressing for extremely cold temperatures. I will be coordinating a photo shoot tomorrow in Marina Del Rey for a client's spring/summer line. Hopefully it's sunny and we can totally fake a fun-in-the-sun look while the model is covered in goosebumps. 4 days 'till my sisters come home~


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