Sunny and Shade

F21 sweater and trousers | UO heels | Target belt

Despite the finger-numbing weather, I can always find some sun in California. I know it isn't snowing, but it is still quite cold. I've generally been stuck in a slouched seated position due to studying for finals. I'm more sick of studying than I am stressed. Any opportunity to test some lighting equipment is thus a sure thing of excitement and reason to take a break. I have fallen in love with this sweater from F21, and I forgive it for making me look flatter, after a second look at these photos. I've had these pants forever...and as long as I prevent the straps from falling into any water, they make me happy and comfortable.


  1. You look super cute in the last photo! Love the outfit xoxo

  2. Gorgeous! Love it head to toe. Love your style...totally following you now!

  3. lovely outfit!

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