Great Park

F21 sweater | Uniqlo jean leggings | LF Stores shearling poncho jacket | UO slouch beanie

Took the opportunity of the past long weekend to venture outside of Los Angeles. Lo' and behold, we were in the distant Orange County. After seeing a site featuring free hot air balloon rides at Great Park in Irvine, I was sold! You have to sign-up for a time slot, and unfortunately, by the time we got there, all the slots were already full! Thus, I resorted to amusing myself with the medley of entertainment... like the huge bike rack, merry-go-round, and checkerboard road with huge palm trees. And likewise, took photos with all of the above.
On a sidenote: while enduring these high winds causing stress-worthy traffic, noisy nights, and power outages, I was quite excited to find the impossible to reach avocados from our tree, on our lawn!


  1. love the pic of you faux-holding the balloon ;) nice outfit! it's so sunny over there its hard to believe its winter!

  2. All these photos are amazing, I love the photo with you pretending to hold the balloon, its so cute. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  3. Super cute pictures! Love your beanie xoxo


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