IndieBrand boy shirt | F21 shorts and heels

I ventured into one of the most touristy areas in Los Angeles to watch a Brad Pitt movie, Moneyball. Apart from the loads of traffic in the street just to get to the Hollywood and Highland entrance for the Grauman's theater, the people enveloping the sidewalks actually made me feel like I was in some other city. As you may imagine, me in my school boy shirt and the bf with the camera, we blended right in with the visitors...being Asian also helps. I was happy to roam around without my sweater on, complimentary to the wildly warm weather. I'm not much of a moviegoer... I can sit still in my seat in the library, but fail to refrain from squirming in a dark theater. I realized I have a strange aversion to watching tvs/movies/electronically transmitted products in the dark. Nonetheless, this movie actually kept me quite entertained considering it basically revolved around baseball and stats, lacked any romance, and was dominated by male actors (totally not my field of interest). Still, I recommend.


  1. WOW, these photos look great and same here not a moviegoer either. I rather spend watching movies at home where it's cozy and comfortable.

  2. OMOGSHH sooo prettyyy! love how these turned outtt! cuteee!! I want stuff from INDIEBRAND!

  3. hahaha stella! I was goin to say that the outfit is something I could never wear! haha but you look interesting :D


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